Road Trips

All you want is to reach your prime. Have the body, the money, the happiness, the soulmate. But you never focus on where you are now and just being grateful about that, being happy with just that. You only feel satisfied with more and once you’ve achieved that, you want even more. Now there’s nothing wrong with goals; however, do you ever expect to be genuinely content in only finding happiness once you’ve achieved your mission? Never enjoying the journey but just the destination? You can never become happy or do what you love if you aren’t happy and loving the journey. Now quit being hard headed and thinking this is just an impulsive statement, thinking you can’t just quit our day job because you need that right now. Maybe I am impulsive or maybe you’re just too scared to get out of your comfort zone and actually do something a little crazy, doing what YOU WANT to do for a change rather than what everyone else is doing or what everyone else may think is right. You can also be reading this and it can be absolutely irrelevant to you, you had your dreadful journey to get to where you are now, you’re in where you may think is a permanent prime. But if you were to think of ever going back to that journey you’ll shiver from the thought of having to get back to that old restaurant overworking you till you had sores on your feet. Unfortunately, life has no final destination.. things can easily come as they may go. You may have to find a new route and start your road trip all over again. Being just content with the journey, with yourself and the people joining you in this ride, you’ll have an everlasting, genuine happiness no matter where your destination may be. If you have to pack up your things and find a new stop, you won’t feel lost or upset because you enjoy that road trip anyways.¬†Sometimes just the car ride to New York can be more exciting.



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