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Breakfast is Ready

One of the most important and favorite meals of my day is breakfast. Embarrassed enough to admit, I go to sleep excited about breakfast the next day.. Good thing is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Or so that’s what I’m told.. some people have some absurd mindset that no meal is the most important thing for that dream body. Doesn’t sound too good reading exactly what you’ve been doing does it? Now tell me, how long do you think that’s going to last? The deprivation, the blackouts when you get up a little too fast because you haven’t eaten since God knows when? Does that seem healthy at all to you?
Some thing I absolutely hate and try my best to help people understand is that you do not under any circumstances have to stop eating to lose weight! When I was younger I used to do the same. I would only like how my abdominal area looked when I would lay down. Now I look back at pictures and know I definitely over exaggerated on how I looked. I started lifting weight, doing cardio a couple times a week, and little by little am understanding my body and I fuel my body with nutritious and scrumptious food. Whenever I crave something sweet I’ll go at it in moderation. How does a car work without being fueled with gasoline? How does your phone work without being charged?How do you listen to your husband nag without getting a margarita first?

Body dysmorphia is very common. A very high majority of our population has it due to the expectations our society demands of us. But that doesn’t mean we need to give our selves in. Of course I am not saying taking care of yourself is bad. On the contrary, take very good care of yourself, more than anyone else, in a healthy and sane matter. You are your first priority before anyone else. How can you take care of your kids, your husband, your coworkers if you aren’t healthy, and sane enough to hold yourself accountable to whatever it is that someone may depend on you for? If you want to change the way you look or just be healthier, go to a professional or start a gym membership and do your research on what is good for your body type. Everyone’s body is different, but one thing that is always the same is the amount of love and care we should all have for it.
You are God’s creation and He has put 110% of His effort into creating you. He placed every cell, every strand of hair on your scalp, every eyelash on your beautiful face. He thinks you are beautiful. How sad must He feel to know you are damaging and hating His own creation? How would you feel if you spent hours on a painting you find absolutely flawless and someone just criticizes it, rips it right up? Eat, exercise, love yourself, put yourself first and your beautiful spirit will radiate to the ones you adore. I wish the absolute best for everyone in their journey to finding their happiness within themselves- I’m always here if anyone ever needs help or advice.



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