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Accept & Let Go

Sometimes the only way for you to live peacefully is accepting the fact that everyone makes mistakes, even you. The way you may think no one is as good hearted as you, someone else may contemplate the same and ironically referring to you.
Sometimes the only way for you to live peacefully is to respect those who consistently disappoint you. Paying evil with evil gets you no where, but paying evil with kindness builds your character and may just help the person realize how stupid they were.
Sometimes the only way for you to live peacefully is to walk away from a situation & turning the other cheek. Trying to solve a solution that the other party clearly has no desire in fixing isn’t your fault. Realize that you are so much more than someone who can be betrayed and disrespected.
Walk away because you love yourself so much that you know you deserve better and your time is precious to waste on someone so ignorant.
The quote “We accept the love we think we deserve” is absolutely accurate from all the relationships I’ve seen. If you think you deserve to be treated like royalty, do not settle for any friendship or partner who doesn’t treat you like one.
“Treating others the way you want to be treated” is another one filled with truth. If you want them treating you like royalty because you deserve it, then as a royal you need to treat people as if it’s your last time ever seeing them and they deserve all the love and care you could possibly offer. Don’t misinterpret the quote either, don’t just treat them well because you want something in return, treat them well because they’re people with feelings like you. You never know what your words or actions towards them can trigger in their life. Maybe you were their last straw of being treated like crap and they’ve absolutely given up.
Sometimes the only way for you to live peacefully is to accept some people for who they are and know they love you in their own special way. Respect them and love them in the way they allow you to. But in that little opening they allow you in their hearts, love and cherish it and give it your all so they know you’ve tried your absolute best.
Love yourself enough to work on your character as a generous and loving person. There’s no better feeling than knowing you warmed someone’s heart, you were the straw that helped them realize not everyone is terrible, you were the light that showed someone the change they could bring upon themselves to be a better person.



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